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Occupational Health & Safety

At HSS we are committed to ensuring that all workers and visitors are entitled to a safe and harmonious workplace free of injury and illness caused by unsafe work practices. It is our main objective in complying with relevant OHS Legislation, statutory requirements, codes of practice, Australian Standards that relate to the practices at the workplace.

As an employer HSS recognises that in its functions it faces the additional workload in providing a safe environment for its employees to conduct works both on site and in the workshop. HSS provide the resources, training and expertise assisting its employees whatever the environment maybe, for the insurance that all works conducted meet OHS obligations.

The importance to reduce illness or injury within the workplace is set to the highest standard aiming to achieve the ultimate goal of zero harm. HSS have implemented a strategic reporting programme that collect’s data from within the Business Unit which is used to measure performance against objectives and targets that have been set to ensure the improvement aimed at eliminating work related risks/hazards causing injury or illness.

HSS has set defined responsibilities and tasks to its personnel to assist management in ensuring the successful implementation and maintenance of OHS within the workplace whilst meeting objectives, obligations and targets.

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